Samsung Galaxy A73 Rumored of 2022 Up-Coming A-Series

Samsung Galaxy A73 Rumored of 2022 Up-Coming A-Series

The rear camera of the Samsung Galaxy A73 has been tipped to arrive with 108mp standard camera sensor. Just through leaked available information about the rumored A-Series phones by the Samsung has not been apart of any other information.

Though it is not clear if the Samsung will use any of the already using sensors in the lineup Samsung Galaxy A73 or it will use fresh 108mp sensor camera setup for the smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy A73 has a part of the lineup 2022 A-Series phones through rumored detail.

The Samsung Galaxy A73 has been marked by SamMobile that the Samsung will relate 108mp sensor through tipster GaryeonHan tweet. The Samsung has used 108mp sensor at first before in the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and in the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Though it is not specified that it the Samsung might use any smartphone till now, as this information will not covered the whole detail. The Samsung has used for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra the ISOCELL HM3 sensor.

Through previous leaked reports the lineup Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra might receive improved 108mp sensor for the rear camera of the device. It has been stated that the new sensor might be improved and updated rather than the hardware changes but with the software optimization. 

The Samsung Galaxy A52 and the Samsung Galaxy A72 phones have been featured with OIS by the Samsung to the whole 2022 upcoming Samsung Galaxy A-Series as it is the most famous series by the Samsung.